Monday, April 17, 2017

Week of April 17th

7th Grade Geography
Monday/Tuesday 4/17/17-4/18/17
Discussion on China
Study Guides will be distributed on Tuesday 4/18/17

Wednesday 4/19/17
Discussion Japan and Fukushima

Thursday 4/20/17
Complete North Korea Video, Upfront Magazine Reading with Questions

Friday 4/21/17
Review Day, work on Study Guide go over any questions presented by students.

8th Grade Geography
Monday 4/17/17 -Tuesday 4/18/17
Students work on An Age of Reform Packets

Wednesday 4/19/20
Review Packets An Age of Reform

Thursday 4/20/17
Study Guides

Friday 4/21/17
Review Study Guides play quizlet.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week of April 10th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 4/10/17

Tuesday-Thursday 4/11/17-4/13/17
Discussion on South East Asia.  Worksheets will be distributed and students will complete them for homework only if they are not done in class.

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 4/10/17
Review of packets on Industrial Revolution

Tuesday 4/11/17

Wednesday 4/12/17
Review Industrial Revolution

Thursday 4/13/17
Quiz Industrial Revolution

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week of April 3rd

7th Grade Geography
Monday 4/3/17
Review Physical Map of South East Asia

Tuesday-Friday 4/4/17-4/7/17
To accompany our schedules for PSSA students will be watching a series of videos relating to South Asia and their culture.

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday -Friday 4/3/17-4/7/17
Students will be working on packets for the chapter North and South Take Different Sides. All packets will be due on Monday 4/10/17.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Week of March 27th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 3/27/17
Project work day

Tuesday 3/28/17
Southeast Asia physical Map and vocab due Friday 3/31/17

Wednesday 3/29/17
Gallery Walk to observe all projects

Thursday/Friday 3/30/17-3/31/17
Discussion Notes on South East Asia.  Quiz Southeast Asia Map

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 3/27/17
Discussion Trail of Tears

Tuesday 3/28/17
Cornell Notes and Trail of Tears poems are due!

Wednesday 3/29/17
Study Guide

Thursday 3/30/17
Review Day

Friday 3/31/17

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week of March 20th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 3/20/17
South East Asia Map

Tuesday 3/21/17
Check and Review South East Asia Map begin project

Wednesday 3/22/17-3/27/17
Work on Projects in class. Projects should be handed in by the end of class on Monday 3/27/17

South Asia test will now be an extra credit opportunity.  Students may take the test during their academic prep period.  In order to receive extra credit, they must score an A on the test.  The test must be completed before March 31st and students must get a pass from me for Academic Prep.

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 3/20/17
Discussion Chapter 10 Section 1 Building a National Identity
Tuesday 3/21/17
Discussion Chapter 10 Section 2 Dealing with Other Nations
Wednesday 3/22/17
Discussion chapter 10 Section 3 The Age of Jackson
Thursday 3/23/17
Trail of Tears Activity
Friday 3/24/17
Discussion Chapter 10 Section 4 Indian Removal

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week of March 13th

7th Grade Geography

Due to the impending weather, students were made aware that their test will be on day 2 of return from the weather and they will have a work day to complete and check study guides and projects on the returning day.  Their projects on South Asia will also be due on the day of the test.  Students have all material they need to complete all work.

8th Grade American Cultures I
 We will begin our discussions on A Changing Nation with a pretest and short video on the Trail of Tears. When we return from the weather delays, we will have our discussions on the first topics of the chapter.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week of March 6th

7th Grade Geography
Review South Asia Reading Questions

Tuesday 3/7/16-Friday 3/10/17
Practice Map Quizzes Discussion on South Asia

Quiz on South Asia Map Friday 3/10/17
Test on South Asia Tuesday 3/14/17

8th Grade American Culture I
Monday 3/6/17
Discussion War of 1812

Tuesday 3/7/17
Study Guide

Wednesday 3/8/17
Review for Test on Era of Jefferson

Thursday 3/9/17
Test Era of Jefferson

Friday 3/10/17
Pretest A changing Nation