Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 12th

7th Grade Geography
Monday-Thursday 2/12/18-2/15/18
Students will work on a project titles Issues in Southwest Asia
Study guide for test will be given out on Wednesday  2/14/18

Friday 2/19/18
Test on Southwest Asia

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday/Tuesday 2/12/18-2/13/18
Political Factions Poster Project

Wednesday 2/14/18
Section 3 Discussion Troubles at Home and Abroad

Thursday 2/15/18
Section 4 Discussion Presidency of John Adams

Friday 2/16/18
Presidents Day Activity in class.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week of February 5th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 2/5/18
When Elephants Fight Reading and Questions

Tuesday 2/6/18-Monday 2/12/18
ISIS and Conflict in Southwest Asia project due Tuesday 2/13/18

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 2/5/18
Discussion the first Political parties

Tuesday 2/6/18-Wednesday 2/7/18
Political Parties Poster Project

Thursday 2/18/18
Discussion Troubles At Home and Abroad

Friday 2/19/18
Discussion the Presidency of John Adams

Friday, January 26, 2018

Week of January 29th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 1/29/18-Tuesday 1/30/18
OPEC writing assignment

Wednesday 1/31/18
Poverty and Instability in Southwest Asia discussion

Thursday 2/1/18-Friday 2/2/18
When Elephants Fight reading and question assignment

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 1/29/18
Test moved from Friday on Creating the Constitution

Tuesday 1/30/18
Constitution Activity worksheet completion and Amendment activity final step (in class)

Wednesday 1/31/18
Completion of Amendment Activity, start vocabulary for Launching a New Nation

Thursday 2/1/18
Section 1 discussion first president

Friday 2/2/18
Presidential Cabinet comparison worksheet.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Week of January 22nd

7th Grade Geography
Monday 1/22/18-Tuesday 1/23/18
Discussion on Southwest Asia

Wednesday 1/24/18
Video Clip and worksheet on Religions of Southwest Asia.  Quiz Political Map of Southwest Asia

Thursday 1/25/18
Review religions worksheet

Friday 1/26/18
OPEC discussion

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 1/22/18
Patriot Movie.  Study Guide for Creating Constitution Test

Tuesday 1/23/18-Wednesday 1/24/18
Amendments in class activity

Thursday 1/25/18
Review Creating Constitution

Friday 1/26/18
Test Creating Constitution

Friday, January 12, 2018

Week of January 15th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 1/15/18: Discussion of Southwest Asia as a culture region

Tuesday-Wednesday  1/16/18-1/17/18:  History of Southwest Asia discussion

Thursday 1/18/18:  Religions of Southwest Asia Discussion and worksheet

Friday 1/19/18:  Opec Worksheet

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday-Tuesday  1/15/18-1/16/18
Constitution Activity in class

Wednesday 1/17/18
Patriot movie

Thursday 1/18/18: Gallery Walk in class for Constitution activity

Friday 1/19/18:  Amendments activity in class.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week of January 8th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 1/8/18
Early Dismissal
Tuesday 1/9/18
Map of Southwest Asia due Friday 1/12/18
Wednesday 1/10/18
Mid Year Review quiz
Thursday 1/11/18
Physical map of Southwest Asia due 1/15/18
Friday 1/12/18
Vocabulary of Southwest Asia due 1/15/18

8th Grade Geography
Monday 1/8/18

Tuesday 1/9/18
Section 2 Discussion Creating the Constitution and vocabulary check

Wednesday 1/10/18-Thursday 1/11/18
KWL and In class project

Friday 1/12/18
Constitution Project with groups in class.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week of January 2nd

7th Grade Geography
Tuesday/Wednesday  1/2/18-1/3/18
Review for Mid year Review Test

Thursday 1/4/18
Buffer Day in class questions for Review Test

Friday 1/5/18
Mid Year Review Test

8th Grade American Cultures I
Tuesday 1/2/18
Vocabulary Creating the Constitution

Wednesday 1/3/18
Presentations of their American Revolution google slides project.  Project were due on December 21st. 8th Period due 1/2/18

Thursday 1/4/18
Finish up Presentations, discussion on Creating the Consittution

Friday 1/5/18
Discussion Creating the Constitution