Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Week of November 28th

7th Grade Geography
Tuesday 11/28/17
European Union Discussion

Wednesday 11/29/17
European Union Writing Assignment

Thursday/Friday 11/30/17-12/1/17
Discussion on Modern Conflict Europe: Yugoslavia, Cold War, Northern Ireland

8th Grade American Cultures I
Tuesday 11/28/17
Movie America: Revolutionary War

Wednesday 11/29/17
Common Sense in class activity

Thursday 11/30/17
Discussion Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War

Friday 12/1/17
Declaration of Independence Activity

Friday, November 10, 2017

Week of November 13th and November 20th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 11/13/17-Tuesday 11/14/17
Facebook project in class Industrial Revolution and Renaissance

Wednesday 11/15/17
Facebook project due at the end of the class period.  Eastern Europe Map Quiz

Thursday 11/16/17
Economy vs. Democracy discussion

Friday 11/17/17
European Union Discussion

Monday 11/20/17
European Union Map

Tuesday 11/21/17
Europe Physical features map quiz

Wednesday 11/22/17
Buffer 1/2 day

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 11/13/17- Wednesday 11/15/17
Discussions on the Road to Revolution

Thursday 11/16/17
Begin Project on Colonial Newspaper

Friday 11/17/17
Study Guide Road to Revolution

Monday 11/18/17
Review Road to Revolution

Tuesday 11/20/17
Test: Road to Revolution

Friday, November 3, 2017

Week of November 6th

7th Grade Geography
Monday-Tuesday 11/6/17-11/7/17
Democracy PSSA writing assignment.  Essays will be due on Wednesday 11/8/17

Wednesday 11/8/17
Practice Quiz on Europe review physical features map of Europe

Thursday 11/9/17
Greece part 2 Discussion in class

Friday 11/10/17

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 11/6/17
Test Life in the Colonies

Tuesday 11/7/17
Pre test Road to Revolution

Wednesday 11/8/17
Intro Movie Americans

Thursday -Friday 11/9/17-11/10/17
Discussion French and Indian War with  map

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Week of October 23rd

7th Grade Geography
Monday 10/23/17
Finish Google Slides project must be uploaded to google classrooms by start of class Tuesday 10/24/17

Tuesday 10/24/17
Study Guide Test

Wednesday 10/25/17
Test: Globalization/Development/Population

Thursday 10/26/17
Google Slides presentation

Friday 10/27/17
Europe map

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 10/23/17-Friday 10/27/17
Life in the Colonies Project Due Monday 10/30/17

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Week of October 16th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 10/16/17
Ethnicity in class assignment

Tuesday  10/17/17
Race Activity in class

Wednesday 10/18/17
Begin Globalization/Development google slides project

Thursday/Friday  10/19/17-10/20/17
Google Project work in class.  Project will be due on Monday 10/23/17 at the end of the class period.  Must be uploaded onto google classroom.

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 10/17/17
Spanish borderlands discussion.  Study guide time in class

Tuesday 10/18/17
Review for Test on Chapter 2: American Colonies

Wednesday 10/19/17
Test Chapter 2: American Colonies

Thursday 10/20/17
Current event discussion day

Friday 10/21/17
Pre test Life in the Colonies.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Week of October 9th

7th Grade Geography
10/9/17 No school students
10/10/17:  Language discussion and review Pick 5 from the Declaration on Human Rights
10/11/17: Population discussion and lab on population density
10/12/17: Ecological footprint activity in class
10/13/17: Population Pyramids in class activity

8th Grade American Cultures I
10/9/17: No School students
10/10/17: Colonies Quiz, In class review
10/11/17-10/12/17: Spanish borderlands notes and discussion
10/13:  Current Events discussion

Friday, September 29, 2017

Week of October 2nd

7th Grade Geography
Monday 10/2/17
Cultural Scenario Worksheets due, globalization activity in class.  Light vs. Heavy Industry worksheet due Tuesday 10/3/17

Tuesday 10/3/17
Outsourcing discussion in class. 

Wednesday 10/4/17
Sweatshop activity in class. 

Thursday 10/5/17
United Nations Reading in class

Friday 10/6/17
Declaration on Human Rights document Pick 5 activity  due Tuesday 10/10/17

8th Grade American Cultures I 
Monday 10/2/17
Quiz on the Colonies.  Southern Colonies Worksheet, Current Event due Tuesday 10/3/17

Tuesday 10/3/17
Review Colonies Worksheets, Label Map of Colonies due Wednesday 10/4/17

Wednesday -Friday 10/4/17-10/6/17
Brochure Project Due Tuesday 10/10/17.