Monday, April 9, 2018

Week of April 9th

7th Grade Geography- ELA PSSA Week!
Monday 4/9/18:  South and Southeast Asia projects due, study guides for South and Southeast Asia
Tuesday 4/10/18:  Study Guides and Movie about minefields in South and Southeast Asia
Wednesday 4/11/18: Review Study Guides Review projects of South and Southeast Asia.
Thursday4/12/18:  Review for Test
Friday 4/13/18:  Test South and Southeast Aisa

8th Grade American Cultures I: 
Monday 4/9/18:  Review packets on the Industrial Revolution
Tuesday 4/10/18: -4/11/18:  Packets on Age of Reform
Thursday 4/12/18:  Review for Industrial Revolution Test
Friday 4/13/18:  Industrial Revolution Test

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week of March 26th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 3/26/18
Korea reading assignment with questions

Tuesday 3/27/18-Wednesday 3/28/18
Video Inside North Korea with Lisa Ling

Thursday 3/29/18
Buffer Day Review North Korea and maps of Asia

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 3/26/18
Review for Test

Tuesday 3/27/18

Wednesday 3/28/18
Industrial Revolution movie

Thursday 3/29/18
Vocabulary Industrial Revolution

Monday, March 19, 2018

Week of March 19th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 3/19/18
Video Street Children in Mongolia part of the population problem in South and Southeast Asia

Tuesday 3/20/18
Discussion Korea

Wednesday 3/21/18
Discussion Korea

Thursday 3/22/18
Korea Reading Assignment with questions

Friday 3/23/18
Video Inside North Korea

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 3/19/18
Discussion The Age of Andrew Jackson

Tuesday 3/20/18
Picture Analysis of Trail of Tears

Wednesday 3/21/18
Literary Work Trail of Tears

Thursday 3/22/18
Study Guide

Friday 3/23/18
Review for Test on Monday

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Week of March 12th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 3/12/18
Great Wall of China  video clip, reading on China as a superpower with questions.

Tuesday 3/13/18
Discussion on China as superpower and population worksheet

Wednesday/Thursday 3/15/18
Discussion on Korea

Friday 3/16/18
Korea reading assignment with questions and movie Inside North Korea.

8th Grade American History I
Monday 3/12/18
Vocabulary Creating a New Nation and discussion on The Era of Good Feelings

Tuesday -Wednesday 3/13/18-3/14/18
Discussions on  Monroe Doctrine, The Age of Jackson

Thursday 3/15/18
Trail of Tears discussion and analyze picture

Friday 3/16/18
Trail of Tears discussion

Friday, February 23, 2018

Week of February 26th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 2/26/18: Discussion on South Asian countries

Tuesday 2/27/18: Political and Physical Maps of Southeast Asia

Wednesday 2/28/18: Vocabulary Southeast Asia.  Quiz South Asia Maps

Thursday 3/1/18: Review maps of Southeast Asia

Friday 3/2/18: Discussion on countries of Southeast Asia.

8th Grade American History I
Monday 2/26/18: Louisiana Purchase worksheet and reading

Tuesday 2/27/18- 2/28/18: Lewis and Clark Expedition writing assignment

Thursday 3/1/18:  Discussion Tecumseh

Friday 3/2/18: War of 1812

Monday, February 12, 2018

Week of February 12th

7th Grade Geography
Monday-Thursday 2/12/18-2/15/18
Students will work on a project titles Issues in Southwest Asia
Study guide for test will be given out on Wednesday  2/14/18

Friday 2/19/18
Test on Southwest Asia

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday/Tuesday 2/12/18-2/13/18
Political Factions Poster Project

Wednesday 2/14/18
Section 3 Discussion Troubles at Home and Abroad

Thursday 2/15/18
Section 4 Discussion Presidency of John Adams

Friday 2/16/18
Presidents Day Activity in class.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week of February 5th

7th Grade Geography
Monday 2/5/18
When Elephants Fight Reading and Questions

Tuesday 2/6/18-Monday 2/12/18
ISIS and Conflict in Southwest Asia project due Tuesday 2/13/18

8th Grade American Cultures I
Monday 2/5/18
Discussion the first Political parties

Tuesday 2/6/18-Wednesday 2/7/18
Political Parties Poster Project

Thursday 2/18/18
Discussion Troubles At Home and Abroad

Friday 2/19/18
Discussion the Presidency of John Adams